Him & I

We’re the happiest when we’re with each other. When I am with him, I forget the world. It’s just me and him in this little bubble, talking, laughing, making jokes, understanding each other. He is my best friend. With him, I can completely be myself. I can talk about everything; I can have mood swings and show an attitude. But he’s still there. He accepts me for me. We have deep and meaningful conversations about our journey through life. We talk about how we will always be there for each other no matter where we are in the world. And I trust him. I trust him with my life and the fact that he won’t ever leave me. He trusts me with his and shares all his secrets with me. We have this bond that is indescribable. Like, we just get on. We make each other laugh with our lame jokes that others might not find funny. We have an excessive amount of sarcasm pouring out of us. We share our food, and he even lets me steal the pineapple from his slices of pizza. We also compromise on a lot of things. If I’m being moody and he leaves, he’ll call me shortly after and shows his caring nature and kindness, trying to reason with me. He’s the most patient with me and gives me space. When he knows I’m being off with him, he becomes talkative. I’m there to guide him through his difficult thoughts and emotions. He’s learning to share his thoughts and emotions without the fear of being judged more each day. He values my opinions and is interested in everything I say. He learns a lot from me, and our time together, whether it is going for a walk, sitting on the beach, walking around a mall, or just lounging on the sofa is peaceful. We fight but we hate fighting and can’t go for long without making up. He’s a shy and reserved person. He’s simple. That’s how I met him. Me? I’m out there. I’m loud and feisty and expressive. I ask a lot of questions. I force him out of his shell. But we balance each other out. I’ve got him and he’s got us. This is a love like I’ve never felt before. It’s true what they say. Friendship is the perfect recipe for a relationship. And I love him and what we have, I want this forever. I have never felt like I can grow with a man like this before. He is my favourite. But this man, I don’t think this man is mine to keep.

Until next time.


The Unveiled Reflector x

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